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The Law Offices of Ronnie Henderson, P.A. is a Real Estate Law Office providing title services (real estate closings) serving the needs of consumers and real estate professionals throughout Florida since 1997. We are committed to making sure all parties leave the closing table satisfied with their experience and happy with our closing services.  Those services are tailor-made for you, whether you are a Seller, Buyer, Realtor or Mortgage Broker.  We have the highest quality of standards in place to provide you with the highest quality of customer service.


While it may not seem like it in today’s market, not every closing is a distress sale. We have over 14 years experience handling purchases, sales and refinances in Florida. With the challenges of today’s real estate market, you need a reliable and trustworthy team of professionals on your side when handling these complex matters.


We are not only a “title company” but also a law office and as such are able to provide legal advice and services to our clients that most title companies are unable to do.  As a Realtor you can call our office for legal advice and help whether we are handling the closing or not.


Ensuring your complete and accurate real estate closing in a quick and efficient manner is the key to our success. We understand that your transaction is special and as such your closing will be handled in the most professional manner.  We answer the phone when you call and respond to emails quickly – we believe communication is the most important aspect of making a customer happy so we strive to keep in constant touch with all parties to the transaction.

We are dedicated to serving all of our clients’ needs. From the moment we receive the initial order through the title search process, and on to the closing, we follow through with all the details to ensure a stress-free experience.  No matter what your transaction involves, your real estate closing should be done quickly, inexpensively and with NO surprises.  We will give you all the support and services you need to have a smooth and successful closing.

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